Monday, 4 December 2017

😣😢Last 2 Weeks Of School😥

It is the last 2 weeks of school. After the 2 weeks of school it is going to be the holidays and Christmas eve. I am excited that Christmas is nearly here and i'm excited about holidays too. I cant wait for Christmas because I will be heading to Australia for a week or 2 to stay with my cousins and my mum, also reports are ready and I hope mine is good!

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


At athletics it was really tiring because how we had to run a 200m and a 400m. It was hard running around without stopping. I could of came last but I came 3rd out of the year 7s. Pupuke came 2nd and Saluselo came 1st. It was so hard and tiring but I really enjoyed it. What I really liked about athletics was when we were running on the track.

Thursday, 9 November 2017


Yesterday on Wednesday we went to the Manaiakalani Film Festival at the movie theater.  We went by bus there. Everyone was so excited to go watch there films that they made. When we got there we had to wait for a little.

When we were inside we waited for the other schools to go because they finished watching the films. When we went in we got told where to sit and to sit with. When it started the lights turned off and it was very dark. 

When the movie started I got excited. Our movie was 2nd to start. After watching all the movies we went back to school. I really enjoyed it and it's sad it had to end.

Friday, 3 November 2017

In The Holidays😀

The school holidays were amazing. I did many things in the holidays. I played games, watched movies, hang out with my cousins and my uncle came from Palmerston North. I was so excited for the holidays and I missed school a little.

Every morning I play on my PS3 console with my friends, cousins, auntie and my uncle. It's so much fun playing with them. when it's night time I like to stay up and play games and watch netflex and yotube.

After 1 week my uncle went back to Palmerston North to go to work. He works in the army with his girlfriend Camball. He has 2 children, both girls and ones 5 and the other is 2. They are so cute. I wish the holidays could last longer. 

Monday, 30 October 2017

😥School Holidays Are Over😢

It was fun in the holidays because I can sleep in and play games every night and evening, but since holidays are now over I cant sleep in anymore or play games in the middle of the night like I always do, but since school is back kids and students are now back to school, working and learning.

 But since I am back at school I can finally work and learn about new things that I haven't known already. I am really happy that I'm back to school because I miss doing maths, reading and writing everyday. That's why I love going to school.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Today we went to Tamaki Collage for graphics. Our teacher was Mr Pineda. So first we did a little prayer before we start drawing so we can thank the lord for giving us this day. After the prayer Mr Pineda told us to finish off our restaurant.

 Mr Pineda handed out sheets that have our restaurant drawings on it. When we were done finishing off our restaurants I started drawing goku with Katrina. After that we went back to school.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Graphics Drawing(Technology)

Today at graphics we were with Mr Pineda doing graphics. Before we started we did a little prayer first to thank god for giving us this day. After the prayer we talked about how do we feel about graphics. We did a brainstorm about how we feel about doing graphics. We titled the doc graphics exceptions. After doing that Mr Pineda told us to make a doc and talk about making a restaurant. We all had to name  it. My restaurant name was burger rito and my special food product is mixed chicken burrito. We also had to insert a box from google images for our takeaway boxes. Mine was a regular box. We also had to talk about what ingredients did we use for our special product. It was cool!

Monday, 4 September 2017

Cross country! 2017

Today after circuits we usually run around the court but today is different. Instead of running around the court we ran around the block. It was really tiring running around the foot path and up the hill. I was huffing and puffing the whole way. We all had to do two laps. Doing one lap is not that tiring until you rich the corner, it gets hard trying not to stop. Running is really tiring but until you keep running you'll get use to it. 

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Technocraft(Graphics!) Drawing

Today we are no longer doing cooking because we changed. The year 8's are doing building in with Mr Grundy and the year 7's are doing graphics. I was so excited that we are doing graphics. When we were at graphics our teacher was Miss Kasipale. She was our realiever for Mr Stag. She told us to draw our name 6 cm's high and the words must be 6 cm's long. When we started the art, Mr Stag came and took over for Miss Kasipale. Well we were working he was helping some of our students that don't know how to do art drawing. I started off making a snake for my S and I made a penguin for my O. The penguin was spray painting on the L which looked like a wall but in 3d. My 2nd O was a egg in a nest and my M was wood forming a table. My N was wood stacked up in to three and my O was Earth. Well I was working I saw Mr Stag talking in a barney voice. We were all laughing and singing along with him. It was amazing. By the time I finished my art work Mr Reid came and said it's time to get back on the bus and go back to school. We said our goodbyes and then went back to the school. And that's what we did at Graphics!

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

😞last week for cooking(Making Nachos) 😱

Today is the last day for cooking and after cooking we are doing graphics. Graphics is when you have to draw, paint and create. I am gonna miss cooking because I love making food and eating it. We made Nachos today and we used Doritos as nachos. So first thing I use is to get a frying pan and a wooden spoon.The first ingredient is two garlic. We first take the skin off and then we crush it with a rolling pin and then we put the pan on the stove and then get the crushed garlic and put it on the pan. After that we turn the stove onto medium and then cook it in till its cooked right. After that we put mince on it and cut it to small pieces. When it is in to small pieces, put the sauce on top of the mince and then stir it gently. After that we put cheese on top of it and then we grab the nachos and eat it! And that's how you make Nachos!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

😮Tongan and Samoan assembly😮

Today we went to assembly because we were all sharing our performances about the pacific islands. Each class is doing a performance and Room 1 started off with a Samoan sasa. After that Room 5 did a song called 'Le Aute'. Room 10 and 12 did a song. Room 6 had models wearing Samoan and Tongan clothing and ta'ovala. Our song was Moana How Far I'll Go.

My favourite was Room 6 with there model display.

Friday, 28 July 2017


This is the first week and Mr Reid is training the netball team for the inter schools. I am not in the netball team because I am not good at it. If you don't know what netball is, it is a game that involves a ball and hoops. It is kind of like basketball but when you have the ball in your hands you cant move. If you move then its a hand over which means you have to give the ball to the other team. I hope our netball team wins the inter schools.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

😀Technology TamkiCollage😋(Making Chicken Curry!)😋

Wednesday 26/7/17

Today we went to technocratic and went to Mrs Tuipulotu's cooking room. When we were there we had to wear our aprons and tie it and then wash our hands. When we finish doing all that we had to find a table with our buddy's. My buddy was Katrina. When we sat down Mrs Tuipulotu was explaining us what we need to cook the chicken curry on. She told us to get out a pot and a frying pan. The next step was to grab a bowl with 4 pieces of chicken and we had to put it in the pot and fill the pot up with water. The third step was to put the pot on the stove and then turn the stove on high so the chicken can cook faster. The fourth step was to grab the frying pan to put the ingredients for the curry sauce to put onto the chicken. I did not remember all the ingredients but ill tell you what I know. I think we used curry powder, black pepper, salsa I think and that's all I know. After that Mrs Tuipulotu starts to taste the sauce, if the taste isn't right then she adds brown sugar to make it taste right. After that we check our chicken and see if its cooked and when I checked mine it was cooked. The next instruction was that we have to tip the pot into the stray so the water can go through the holes and the chicken cant go in the sink with the water. After that we tip the chicken into the pan with the sauce and then put it back onto the stove and then mix it together. After mixing and stirring we grab a plate and Mrs Tuipulotu gives us some rice to eat with the chicken. If there are some left over we put more onto the chicken and there you have it! A chicken curry.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Fresh Term

Our two week holidays is finish now and we are back to school. I still wish that the holidays can last another week so I can sleep in and wake up to go over to my cousins and play video games but I can't because I have to go back to school but i'm happy anyways because I get to do some work and I can learn new stuff that I haven't known about. I can take my Chromebook home on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I will have a great term.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

St Kent day

On Thursday we went to St Kent in a bus and we were split up into groups so there was group 1,2,3,4. Group 5, 6 and group 2 got split up because they had too many people. I was in group 2 and I was moved to group 1. In group 1 we went to the basketball court and we played master. If you don't know what master is, it is a game that people have to line up. One person has to be the master and the person in front of the line has to try and get the ball in the hoop and if they get it in then they become the master but if they don't get it in then they have to go to the back of the line. After that we played bang. Bang is a game that they have to make a circle and a person has to stay in the middle of the circle and shout out names of people. If they call your name you have to duck down and the people on your right and left sides they have try and shoot each other, but not with real guns just their hands. When they shoot each other they say bang! The first person who says bang the other person sits down because they're out. After that we moved on to the next game. The next game was capture the flag. After capture the flag we all gathered up and sang a happy birthday song to Musica because it was his birthday! We sang the song in Maori followed in English. After that we had to go back in the bus and go back to Ruapotaka School!

😀Baking Chocolate chip muffins!!😮

Today we went in a bus to Tamaki collage to do some cooking. When we were there, we had to put on aprons so we don't get our uniform dirty. After that we had to wash our hands with soap. When it was time to cook everyone sat in their seats with their buddies. My buddy was Alexandra. When we sat down our cooking teacher, Mrs Tuipulotu. She told us that we are baking chocolate chip muffins. We were excited! After that she told us the ingredients. Then she told us to grab out our bowls and things we need to make the muffins. We grabbed our ingredients and put it in a bowl and mixed it together. When we finished putting all the ingredients in the bowl, we put it in our trays and then we put in our oven and set our heat up to 180 degrees. After a few minutes it came out like this. When we tasted it, it tasted yum like chocolate. When we came back to Ruapotaka School we went to room 3 and we ate our muffins there!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

😀Our Daily Fitness!!😀

In the morning at 8:50am, we line up to get ready for running. We ran for 10 minutes a day. If it is raining we have to stay inside so we don't wet

 When we are running the people that are slowing down have to go on the left side of the road so the fast runners can overtake them on the right.
 When we go up the hill we put our heads down so our body's reduces.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Opinion: It's time for the Government to pay for our conservation future

Opinion: New Zealand's endangered wildlife was in the headlines today when guarding minister Maggie Barry announced the Department of guarding draft threatens Species Strategy in Wellington. Here at Forest & Bird, we give the strategy a four out of 10. While it has some worthy actions, it isn't supported with the funding Doc needs to take charge  about protecting native species, meaning they will continue to act as an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Car catches fire on Auckland's Northwestern Motorway

Emergency services have rushed to a car on Northwestern Motorway. The car smash with a barrier between Patiki Rd and Great North Rd before turning into flames at 7:45am on Sunday, the fire service says. They described the car as being well burning when crew arrived.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Wellington number one in global quality of life survey

It turns out that no other city is better then wellington on a good day, according to a sort of life survey charged by Deutsche Bank which has rated the capital number one. The capital has beaten 46 city's to come first in the survey, which measured factors including cost living, rottenness, conditions and house prices. Wellingtons know we live in the best spot on Earth, and now the rest the world is listing about it as well

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Bill English Says He Did Not Know About Pike River Robot Footage

Prime Minister Bill English says he did not know footage from Pike River Mine released by Newshub on Sunday even existed. Full video retrieve by Newshub shows an overheating robot exploring the Pike River mine. Twenty nine miners died in 2010 Pike River disaster and the government has argued gas levels make it too dangerous to renter the mine to get the bodies.

Monday, 10 April 2017

Plane making emergency landing in Palmerston North.

A plane has made an emergency landing in Palmerston North after changed from Nelson. Air New Zealand confirmed the aircraft landed without anyone hurt at 4.45pm. A fire service spokesman said earlier the issue was with the plane's landing gear, which was not safe for people in the plane. 

Friday, 31 March 2017

Robert Rakete Came To Our School!

Image result for Asterix And The Golden SickleToday was great we did lots of reading maths and other cool stuff but when it was morning tea we had to go to the multi purpose room because a visitor has came . His name was Henry but on the side of him was Robert Rakete. Henry was just explain about how people can share there ideas of reading books. When Henry introduced Robert Rakete Robert was telling us about his first book. It was called Asterix  And The Golden Sickle. He said that the book he read was his favourite ever since. He told us that he was telling his son to clean his room and his son keeps saying that he will but every time he goes past his sons room he always sees a mess so Robert Rakete cleaned half of it until he saw that book so he read it until his son came from his friends house. When his son came back Robert Rakete was still reading the book and he told his son to clean his room well he reads his sons book on the bed and that's how it became his favourite book.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Cyclone Debbie leaves trail of destruction in Queensland

Cyclone Debbie has been decline to a category one storm but it's still left a trail of damaged across north-eastern Queensland. It's moving slowly north towards Collinsville, leaving behind it broken buildings, base and 50,000 homes and businesses without power.

One Woman in Townsville is trying to find her husband who's in Queensland town of Proserpine. Jenny and David Clarke spoke on phone on Tuesday morning during the peak of storm, when the rood came off the house.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Rare forest ringlet butterflies found on Little Barrier Island

A population of rare native butterflies has been found on Little Barrier Island in the Hauraki Gulf. Rats and wasps have reduced the forest band to only small pockets around the country.

Moths and Butterflies Trust spokeswoman Jacqui Knight says five Butterflies were seen on the same day, and it's clue to what predators are wiping out the popular insect's numbers.
Now that we found it is in good numbers on great barrier we are thinking it could be rats and wasps.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

'Thousands' of Dunedin homes to be lost to rising sea.

A University of Otago professor is concerned thousands in south Dunedin are at risk of being swallowed by sea rising levels by 2034. But while the sea level rise is a serous risk, two other scientist are concerned his calendar will cause unnecessary panic.

Professor Kim Flynn, and resigned Professor in politics at Otago University, told Dunedin City Council in presentation that around 2000 houses in south Dunedin will be claimed by rising sea levels by 2034.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Keep saving water Auckland

Image result for water savingAuckland households face water restrictions until the end of the month despite hitting savings targets.
Aucklander's daily water drinking has dropped to 382 million litres, well within the necessary range of 400 million litres or fewer.
Water care congratulated residents but warned that if savings did not continue, partially treated water might need to be released into the system and then people would have to boil water.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Tamaki Collage Working With Mr Grundy Technology!

For Technology the year 7 are in Mr Grundy's workshop and the year 8's have to go to the Kitchen because they are cooking. At Mr Grundy's workshop he was showing us his cool creations and telling us how he made them. He said that if we come out with a great creation that hes never seen he will give us high marks! When he was showing us his creations he was telling us that you have to always have to use housing joints so you can connect your  wood to the part of the creation that you just made. We are going to learn how to craft the creations that Mr Grundy made. or even craft our own creations.

Here's His video

Friday, 3 March 2017

Game Masters


Today this morning Me, Room 11 went to room 12 for the game theatre. When we got there we sat down waiting for the game master. When they got here they told us about this new game. They never told us the name. When they started to teach us the game they were acting. The names of the characters for the games are T the son,  Dave the dad, Maria the mum, Jack T's friend,Bryan Maria's boyfriend and Rebecca Bryan's daughter. When they acted we had to swipe on our hands for the game to start. After the game they gave us a badge and taught us a new hand shake. It was fun!

Monday, 27 February 2017

The Power Cut!

There was a power cut in the weekend but my TV, plugs and games were turned off. My nana said she herd a loud explosion sound when she was reading her bible. When we were waiting for the power to turn back on, I went over my neighbors house and ask them if there power was off, But Suddenly they "said no". They said "They were cleaning before it get night". Just as it was getting darker the power came back on, and then I felt safe but I wondered what had happened to the power.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Our Digital Art

Last week we had to make Tekoteko. First we had to draw a Tekoteko on a paper and when we finish we have to use a bigger one and color it in when we finish drawing it on the big paper.

When we finished our TekoTeko we have to do the same on  sumo-paint, on our Chromebook. It was fun we had to draw the body parts.
And That's How You Make A TekoTeko.

Duffy And Global girl

A week ago we went to assembly to watch the Duffy theater. When we sat down they asked us about if we know the Duffy song and we said yes so we sang then they got ready to act. It was fun they showed us how reading is cool and they were funny too  when they got near the end of the show. I really enjoyed the Duffy show. They showed me how reading is fun!

Friday, 17 February 2017

Google CEO Sundar Pichai answers 7-year-old's job application


When seven-year-old Chloe Bridgewater wrote to google asking for a job, she proably
wasn't expecting a reply from the head of a global tech giant.

But the Liverpool girl got on - by old fashiond snail mail, no less.

Chloe's handwritten letter laid out her case for being a google employee, saying she was good at spelling, reading and maths.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Fire-plagued Hawke's Bay declares state of emergency, while storms strike Dunedin and Wellington

New Zealand's wild summer weather continues, with a state of emergency declared in fire-plagued Hawke's bay, while the deep south was hit buy a huge storm.

One Hawke's bay home was destroyed by the fire, while residents in 23 houses near waimarama had to escape the huge blaze. they later came back to there home.

later, as the fire appeared to flame north, about 37 craggy range Rd residents
were forced to evacuate 20 houses.

Christchurch's port hills were also ablaze last night as fire crews battled to contain
flames fanned by strong winds near early valley Rd and Old Tai Rd.