Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Botanic Garden!

Botanic Gardens.jpg       Botanic Garden 13.10.16

When we went to the Botanic Gardens we went to see flowers and trees but mostly plants because it's a garden. We were with Mrs Buchanan and the other 10 people were with Miss Hoeberigs. When we were at the edible garden we saw some blossoms and we saw strawberries too. After that we went to the next garden. It was cool because we saw lots of flowers and blossom trees and magnolias. They were magnificent and beautiful.

After walking we saw some statues. There was a shovel statue and it looked like a pine cone. After that we went and look at more flowers and plants in Spring Blossom Valley. After that it was time to go.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

In The Holidays!

In the holidays I went to my cousin's house because my aunt went to school and my nana has work.

When I was at my cousin's house we played games and the game was call of duty black ops two and minecraft pocket edition. We were playing on a ps3. It was fun plus we got to talk to people on the game using a mic.

When I had to go I wanted to go pools so me and my auntie went to the pools and my nana stayed at my cousin's house because she can't swim.

When we were in the pools my auntie paid the register and I went straight to the changing room. After I changed we went inside and I jumped in and just started floating on my back and just swimming around. When we were finish I went to go change.

After I was changed I went to get me a cookie from the vending machine then we went to pick up my nana from my cousin’s house. And that's my school holiday!