Wednesday, 26 July 2017

😀Technology TamkiCollage😋(Making Chicken Curry!)😋

Wednesday 26/7/17

Today we went to technocratic and went to Mrs Tuipulotu's cooking room. When we were there we had to wear our aprons and tie it and then wash our hands. When we finish doing all that we had to find a table with our buddy's. My buddy was Katrina. When we sat down Mrs Tuipulotu was explaining us what we need to cook the chicken curry on. She told us to get out a pot and a frying pan. The next step was to grab a bowl with 4 pieces of chicken and we had to put it in the pot and fill the pot up with water. The third step was to put the pot on the stove and then turn the stove on high so the chicken can cook faster. The fourth step was to grab the frying pan to put the ingredients for the curry sauce to put onto the chicken. I did not remember all the ingredients but ill tell you what I know. I think we used curry powder, black pepper, salsa I think and that's all I know. After that Mrs Tuipulotu starts to taste the sauce, if the taste isn't right then she adds brown sugar to make it taste right. After that we check our chicken and see if its cooked and when I checked mine it was cooked. The next instruction was that we have to tip the pot into the stray so the water can go through the holes and the chicken cant go in the sink with the water. After that we tip the chicken into the pan with the sauce and then put it back onto the stove and then mix it together. After mixing and stirring we grab a plate and Mrs Tuipulotu gives us some rice to eat with the chicken. If there are some left over we put more onto the chicken and there you have it! A chicken curry.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Fresh Term

Our two week holidays is finish now and we are back to school. I still wish that the holidays can last another week so I can sleep in and wake up to go over to my cousins and play video games but I can't because I have to go back to school but i'm happy anyways because I get to do some work and I can learn new stuff that I haven't known about. I can take my Chromebook home on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I will have a great term.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

St Kent day

On Thursday we went to St Kent in a bus and we were split up into groups so there was group 1,2,3,4. Group 5, 6 and group 2 got split up because they had too many people. I was in group 2 and I was moved to group 1. In group 1 we went to the basketball court and we played master. If you don't know what master is, it is a game that people have to line up. One person has to be the master and the person in front of the line has to try and get the ball in the hoop and if they get it in then they become the master but if they don't get it in then they have to go to the back of the line. After that we played bang. Bang is a game that they have to make a circle and a person has to stay in the middle of the circle and shout out names of people. If they call your name you have to duck down and the people on your right and left sides they have try and shoot each other, but not with real guns just their hands. When they shoot each other they say bang! The first person who says bang the other person sits down because they're out. After that we moved on to the next game. The next game was capture the flag. After capture the flag we all gathered up and sang a happy birthday song to Musica because it was his birthday! We sang the song in Maori followed in English. After that we had to go back in the bus and go back to Ruapotaka School!

😀Baking Chocolate chip muffins!!😮

Today we went in a bus to Tamaki collage to do some cooking. When we were there, we had to put on aprons so we don't get our uniform dirty. After that we had to wash our hands with soap. When it was time to cook everyone sat in their seats with their buddies. My buddy was Alexandra. When we sat down our cooking teacher, Mrs Tuipulotu. She told us that we are baking chocolate chip muffins. We were excited! After that she told us the ingredients. Then she told us to grab out our bowls and things we need to make the muffins. We grabbed our ingredients and put it in a bowl and mixed it together. When we finished putting all the ingredients in the bowl, we put it in our trays and then we put in our oven and set our heat up to 180 degrees. After a few minutes it came out like this. When we tasted it, it tasted yum like chocolate. When we came back to Ruapotaka School we went to room 3 and we ate our muffins there!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

😀Our Daily Fitness!!😀

In the morning at 8:50am, we line up to get ready for running. We ran for 10 minutes a day. If it is raining we have to stay inside so we don't wet

 When we are running the people that are slowing down have to go on the left side of the road so the fast runners can overtake them on the right.
 When we go up the hill we put our heads down so our body's reduces.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Opinion: It's time for the Government to pay for our conservation future

Opinion: New Zealand's endangered wildlife was in the headlines today when guarding minister Maggie Barry announced the Department of guarding draft threatens Species Strategy in Wellington. Here at Forest & Bird, we give the strategy a four out of 10. While it has some worthy actions, it isn't supported with the funding Doc needs to take charge  about protecting native species, meaning they will continue to act as an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Car catches fire on Auckland's Northwestern Motorway

Emergency services have rushed to a car on Northwestern Motorway. The car smash with a barrier between Patiki Rd and Great North Rd before turning into flames at 7:45am on Sunday, the fire service says. They described the car as being well burning when crew arrived.