Thursday, 8 December 2016

St Kent's Day!

It was a Friday morning like every Friday morning but then it was St Kent's day! When St Kent's came we had to be split into groups and go with two St Kent's boy and girl. When we we got organized we went to some activities the St Kent's made. I went to soccer first! It was amazing. I really had fun and enjoyed it so much but my team lost but at least I got to participate in it. After that my team got split up. I got to stay playing soccer. It was fun. After that game the other team won! After soccer the bell rang for morning tea. When morning tea was finish my team went to the music room and we played some music. After that we moved to the library and played some board games get it board games. I played chess and I won 3 games. I beat Popi,Mary and Brazie. Then I vs a St Kent boy. He won and I said good game and we shook hands. After that we moved to Zumba. It was cool we learned new dance moves. After that the bell rang and it was lunch time. St Kent's People made us some Sizzle sausages! After lunch time it was Culture groups and some of the St Kent's people came and watched us practice.

And that's what we did for St Kent's day!

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Working as a team

I loved the movie because Julianne, Tyron, Pupuke, Katrina and I made a cake! Mrs Buchanan was recording us. When we started we put the cake on the table and Pupuke put the icing on the sides to stick the Kit Kat on. After that we stuck the Kit Kat on and Katrina and I put the M&Ms on top. Then Julianne,Tyron and Pupuke helped us. When we were done we finished recording.  I felt great because we got to make a cake! When it was lunch time, Julianne cut the cake and we got 1 piece of cake and 1 Kit Kat each.

We worked well together to make our movie. I used Panzoid to make the introduction about teamwork. Katrina used button base to make the beat for the background.

And That's What We Did For Our Movie! It was fun!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

My Cherry Blossom Tree!

When we did art we had to make a blossom tree so we had to paint a piece of paper with yellow, blue and green to make the sky, sun and the grass. After that we had to grab a piece of paper and use a straw to blow the black paint on our paper. When we were done we took our own paper with our painting on it and did the same. When we finished we had to use some pink paint, red paint, purple paint and white paint to dab our finger in and put it on our piece of paper. It looked like the pink flowers on the tree. When we were finished we had to take a photo of our cherry blossom tree.

Friday, 11 November 2016


Going To The Film Festival

On Wednesday we went to the Manaiakalani film festival in Sylvia Park. It was cool when we went in the bus because I got to sit in the back.  When we got there we went inside and waited for other schools to go out because they finished watching the movies before us.

When there were no more people coming out of the movies we went inside and we sat down on a chair and waited for the movies to start. It was cool because our video was second starting and it was funny but some people didn’t laugh but at the end they did.

When it was time to go we went outside and went in the bus to go back to school. My favourite movie was ours!


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Botanic Garden!

Botanic Gardens.jpg       Botanic Garden 13.10.16

When we went to the Botanic Gardens we went to see flowers and trees but mostly plants because it's a garden. We were with Mrs Buchanan and the other 10 people were with Miss Hoeberigs. When we were at the edible garden we saw some blossoms and we saw strawberries too. After that we went to the next garden. It was cool because we saw lots of flowers and blossom trees and magnolias. They were magnificent and beautiful.

After walking we saw some statues. There was a shovel statue and it looked like a pine cone. After that we went and look at more flowers and plants in Spring Blossom Valley. After that it was time to go.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

In The Holidays!

In the holidays I went to my cousin's house because my aunt went to school and my nana has work.

When I was at my cousin's house we played games and the game was call of duty black ops two and minecraft pocket edition. We were playing on a ps3. It was fun plus we got to talk to people on the game using a mic.

When I had to go I wanted to go pools so me and my auntie went to the pools and my nana stayed at my cousin's house because she can't swim.

When we were in the pools my auntie paid the register and I went straight to the changing room. After I changed we went inside and I jumped in and just started floating on my back and just swimming around. When we were finish I went to go change.

After I was changed I went to get me a cookie from the vending machine then we went to pick up my nana from my cousin’s house. And that's my school holiday!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Olympics Games!

Here is the information that we found out about Jamaica when we learning about the Olympics.

Were Going On A Trip To The Zoo,Zoo,Zoo


On Friday i went on the bus to the zoo with my class room 10,room 9,room 7 and room 6. When we got to the zoo we waited for a little bit because Mrs buchanan had to go pay it. When Mrs Buchanan came back we went straight in and went to the center to go talk with the zookeepers and he told us the basic rules. After they told us the rules and stuff they put us in groups and in my group was Robati,Saluselo,Henry and me. When we got in our groups we went to go see some animals but first my team went to the tiger area and went and look at the tigers they were cool and awesome but mostly scary because if someone was in it the would get eat and the tiger will devour the human. After we looked at the tigers we went to go see the otters. When we got there the otters were so cute we wish that we could pet them because they're small and cute but we can't pet them because they might bite us because it has sharp teeth. After that we had to go have our morning tea and we had to go eat at the band rotunda. After we had morning tea we went to go see the crocodiles. When we got to the crocodiles they were so cool. They had big jaws and it was under water and just staying in there. After we visit the crocodiles we went to go  look at other animals but while we were walking we saw two ducks quacking loud at us and me Robati and Saluselo and Mr Myer and Henry were laugh so hard because it was so funny. After that we went to go see the giraffes,elephants,rhinos,zebras and ostriches they were cool and the elephants were funny because when we went go eat next to the elephants one of them took a dump right in front of us and we were laughing hard out because it was funny. After lunch we saw some flamingos and a hippo. After that we went back on the bus to school and that was our trip to the zoo!

Monday, 20 June 2016



On Thursday we played snag golf with this man named Jae. If you don't know what snag golf is it is  similar to regular golf but snag golf is when you can use your hands or your golf club. When we played we had to hit these targets with the ball and when we throw the ball it sticks on the target. When we started hitting the target it changed. When we started playing Mr Jae gave people golf clubs. Robati and I had to hit the ball with the golf club and we tried to hit the target and score a snag for my team. The rest of the team had thought that it was hard but some boys said it was easy peasy. Then we had to roll the ball in the hula hoop.

And that's my day playing snag golf!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Taking my Chromebook home!

On Thursday Room 10 had a Chromebook meeting so me and my Nan had to go to the Chromebook meeting after school.  I saw Mary and her sister and Pupuke and his dad. When we got there I grabbed my Chromebook. When we were on my Chromebook I showed my Nan my Google drive, our class site and also my blog. After that I had some afternoon tea.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

St. Kents visit

Last term we went to St. Kents for  a visit. It was so cool because we did lots of fun stuff like dodge ball and capture the flag. I had so much fun playing dodge ball because we got to throw the ball at people.

Monday, 14 March 2016

How far did I swim?


I think Shakaia swam 100 meters and I think that Henry swam 15 meters. I know that I swam 100 meters. It is great fun and good exercise swimming. I really like it.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

New year

IMG_20160223_141805.jpgMalo e lelei and welcome.  My name is Solomone. I am ten years old and I go to Ruapotaka School. I am a Year 6. My teacher is Mrs Buchanan.

My favourite subjects at school are maths and reading because they’re interesting. My favourite sport and what I’m good at is rugby because it's rough and tough.My favourite food is McDonald's because there is a good taste to the burgers.