Thursday, 18 August 2016

Were Going On A Trip To The Zoo,Zoo,Zoo


On Friday i went on the bus to the zoo with my class room 10,room 9,room 7 and room 6. When we got to the zoo we waited for a little bit because Mrs buchanan had to go pay it. When Mrs Buchanan came back we went straight in and went to the center to go talk with the zookeepers and he told us the basic rules. After they told us the rules and stuff they put us in groups and in my group was Robati,Saluselo,Henry and me. When we got in our groups we went to go see some animals but first my team went to the tiger area and went and look at the tigers they were cool and awesome but mostly scary because if someone was in it the would get eat and the tiger will devour the human. After we looked at the tigers we went to go see the otters. When we got there the otters were so cute we wish that we could pet them because they're small and cute but we can't pet them because they might bite us because it has sharp teeth. After that we had to go have our morning tea and we had to go eat at the band rotunda. After we had morning tea we went to go see the crocodiles. When we got to the crocodiles they were so cool. They had big jaws and it was under water and just staying in there. After we visit the crocodiles we went to go  look at other animals but while we were walking we saw two ducks quacking loud at us and me Robati and Saluselo and Mr Myer and Henry were laugh so hard because it was so funny. After that we went to go see the giraffes,elephants,rhinos,zebras and ostriches they were cool and the elephants were funny because when we went go eat next to the elephants one of them took a dump right in front of us and we were laughing hard out because it was funny. After lunch we saw some flamingos and a hippo. After that we went back on the bus to school and that was our trip to the zoo!

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