Wednesday, 26 July 2017

😀Technology TamkiCollage😋(Making Chicken Curry!)😋

Wednesday 26/7/17

Today we went to technocratic and went to Mrs Tuipulotu's cooking room. When we were there we had to wear our aprons and tie it and then wash our hands. When we finish doing all that we had to find a table with our buddy's. My buddy was Katrina. When we sat down Mrs Tuipulotu was explaining us what we need to cook the chicken curry on. She told us to get out a pot and a frying pan. The next step was to grab a bowl with 4 pieces of chicken and we had to put it in the pot and fill the pot up with water. The third step was to put the pot on the stove and then turn the stove on high so the chicken can cook faster. The fourth step was to grab the frying pan to put the ingredients for the curry sauce to put onto the chicken. I did not remember all the ingredients but ill tell you what I know. I think we used curry powder, black pepper, salsa I think and that's all I know. After that Mrs Tuipulotu starts to taste the sauce, if the taste isn't right then she adds brown sugar to make it taste right. After that we check our chicken and see if its cooked and when I checked mine it was cooked. The next instruction was that we have to tip the pot into the stray so the water can go through the holes and the chicken cant go in the sink with the water. After that we tip the chicken into the pan with the sauce and then put it back onto the stove and then mix it together. After mixing and stirring we grab a plate and Mrs Tuipulotu gives us some rice to eat with the chicken. If there are some left over we put more onto the chicken and there you have it! A chicken curry.

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  1. AHHHH looks delicious Mone! Now next time if you come to Australia you can cook me some butter chicken lol