Friday, 31 March 2017

Robert Rakete Came To Our School!

Image result for Asterix And The Golden SickleToday was great we did lots of reading maths and other cool stuff but when it was morning tea we had to go to the multi purpose room because a visitor has came . His name was Henry but on the side of him was Robert Rakete. Henry was just explain about how people can share there ideas of reading books. When Henry introduced Robert Rakete Robert was telling us about his first book. It was called Asterix  And The Golden Sickle. He said that the book he read was his favourite ever since. He told us that he was telling his son to clean his room and his son keeps saying that he will but every time he goes past his sons room he always sees a mess so Robert Rakete cleaned half of it until he saw that book so he read it until his son came from his friends house. When his son came back Robert Rakete was still reading the book and he told his son to clean his room well he reads his sons book on the bed and that's how it became his favourite book.

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